Bad smell inside your fridge or freezer?

Your fridge can become a bad experience as a consecuence of bad smells produced by the food inside. Some food like cheese, fish or broccoli can generate unpleasant sensations when you open the refrigerator and even change the taste of others such as milk or drinks. Quitolor® offers several solutions that absorb and neutralize odors helping preserve the flavor of food and maintaining the freshness for 30 days.

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Bad smell inside your home?

Many things can cause odors inside your home that generate unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings. Cooking, smoking and even a pet inside the house are things that can impregnate odors over carpets, sofas, curtains, etc. Quitolor® Activated Charcoal is the new system that absorbs odors in your home for 60 days. It contains hundreds of activated charcoal granules that act as a small molecular sponge trapping and holding unpleasant smells. Is perfect for neutralizing odors in closets, small rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or any convenient space of the house. It is 100% natural and highly secure because coal comes from plant substances which, when activated generate the porosity needed to absorb pollutants from the environment.

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Bad smell inside your shoes?

Running activity and daily use produce foot sweating that generates odor inside your footwear. Quitolor® is the new daily use system that neutralizes odors in shoes and sneakers, leaving a fresh scent for 30 days. Contains zinc ricinoleate active component that captures and encapsulates odor causing molecules.

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